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The inspection teams of Guizhou Education Department came to our school campus to inspect security work
June 6, 2014   审核人:

On June 4th, the Education Department of Guizhou Province, the campus safety inspection teamcame to our school campus safety work inspection, inspection by the provincial education department Comrade He Xiuqian led.

At 10 in the morning, the inspection team came to the school, accompanied by the school principal assistant Xia Weidong comrades, inspection team of the school work, riot fear of safety management, campus in campus security work of the inspection, the inspection group came to the vice secretary of school Party committee Comrade serious office, Deputy Secretary of the president and vice president of the school of Comrade Li Cunxiong the school Party committee,comrade Linghu Rongfeng and Comrade recent serious school security and stability workexchange of views and opinions.

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