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Our university started a meeting on students credit file construction
May 4, 2014   审核人:

Electronic credit archives construction work as one of the party's mass line education practice, our school as the first batch of students faithful archives at the University, college students credit file construction job training and college students' good faith commitment to the book signing ceremony in the afternoon of May 4th floor of Shaw studio. The file workers, the relevant functional departments of part-time instructors and class monitor took part in the training.

Through this training, promoting the construction of college students credit file of my school, is an effective carrier to practice the socialist core values, is conducive to our school to strengthen the management of students, establish beforehand prevention, monitoring, punishment for the integrated management system; help to improve the ideological and political education level of our university students, promote students' self-discipline and credibility on campus cultural construction; is conducive to the improvement of College Students' Ideological and moral quality, improve students' employment competitiveness, is of great realistic significance and positive role.

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