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School party secretary Chen Yang research school propagandist thought job
March 3, 2014   审核人:
On March 3rd afternoon, Chen Yang of secretary of school Party committee in the school conference room fourth, called the school Party Committee Propaganda Department staff and departments responsible for the supervision of network center, the mass line of the party education practice, research to guide the school propaganda work.
Secretary Chen Yang heard in the Propaganda Department, network center of school ideological publicity work as well as on campus network construction and maintenance work, with emphasis on the propaganda work of specific guidance of 2014 school.
He focused on the following four points: one is the website is an important carrier of school's ideological propaganda work, to make great efforts to strengthen the construction site, the news propaganda as the starting point, the website construction as the breakthrough point, promote school brand promotion. Two is to do a good job in 2014 the propaganda center -- "the party's mass line of educational practice", "cultivating and Practicing Socialist Core Values", "undergraduate teaching quality assessment", publicize the work to be close to reality, to put an end to the work of "two pieces of skins" phenomenon, and Chinese traditional culture, advanced experience and overseas closely linked, to "make the past serve the present, make foreign things serve China". Three is to make clear the service object and the final purpose of propaganda work. Propaganda work is service for schools, teachers and students as the service position of public opinion, to use a variety of media network, broadcasting, newspapers and other propaganda work, will be full of sound and colour, to build a platform for teachers and students love to see and hear. Four is to do a good job of mechanism and system of ideological propaganda work operation, improve internal, external coordination, be linked up and down, to build large propaganda pattern, to do a good job of propaganda work in school.
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