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Guizhou Provincial Federation of literary and other units sent culture into the campus
January 2, 2014   审核人:

On December 27, 2013, sponsored by the Guizhou provincial women's Federation, Federation of Guizhou Province, Guizhou Province Museum, Guizhou normal college, Guizhou Musicians Association, Guizhou Province Cultural Acrobats Association jointly sponsored sent into the campus, new year art activities played at the Guizhou Normal University.

The party, recite the chairman of the Guizhou Sheng Wenlian, province museum curator Gu Jiu's poetry, Guizhou province history scholar Tan Foyou's poetry recitation, President Liu Huipu of Guizhou Teachers College Calligraphy Art Education Research Institute of calligraphy demonstration programs not only brought teachers and students new visual, auditory enjoyment, also let the audience feel China charm and influence of traditional culture in the influence character by environment, highlight the broad and profound traditional culture Chinese. The party content rich and colorful, diverse forms, collection of songs, dance, opera performances as a whole, to show the development and changes in Guizhou, lit the Guizhou culture of passion, to realize the great China dream.

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