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China University of Political party secretary Shi Yajun line to my school to conduct research
August 14, 2014   审核人:

China University of Political party secretary Shi Yajun line on August 10 --17 day to Guizhou Province on the National Social Science Fund a major issue, "government functions connotative most fundamental change in the system under the Vision Research" and its sub-topic "Teacher management functions change and innovation special research "system research.

Commissioned by the provincial education department, the school assumed the reception and the organization and coordination of the work of the research group. Research group went to the provincial education department, the provincial Commission Office, Guizhou Normal University, Guiyang City Board of Education, Guiyang one in King County Board of Education conducted an investigation. August 12 afternoon, the research group to study my school field trips, visited the campus and held a research symposium. Professor Party Secretary Professor Chen Yang, Cheng-Hu, vice president, government office, Personnel, Office of Academic Affairs, teachers work at the Alumni Office, metaplasia College, School of Economics and Political colleges and departments attended the forum, organized by Vice-Chancellor chaired Professor Zhang Chenggu.

First, Vice-Chancellor Professor Cheng-Hu Shi Yajun secretary of his party on the overall situation and development in recent years, the school and the achievements were introduced.

Party secretary of China University of Political Science and Law, the total research group leader Professor Shi Yajun brief introduction to this topic, he pointed out that the Ministry of Education teachers entrusted with the work of the Division of "government functions connotative most fundamental change in the system under the Vision Research" its sub-project "teachers change management functions and special research innovation system" is a major issue national Social Science Fund, the country on the basis of empirical research on research group reported the formation of the research will be submitted to the central authorities for decision-making. Around the relationship between the school and the government, will my school teachers and personnel, staffing management, appointment system, job classification and division executive branch of government authority on teacher management issues such as exchanges and discussions. Attending college, department, according to the actual situation of our school, to express their views on the changes and institutional innovations teacher management functions, especially the leadership introduced the basic situation of personnel recruited from the staff, the preparation of management, and other aspects titles appointment system for providing detailed research group information.

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