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The practice of applied talents training target, realizing the functions of social services of University
November 12, 2014   审核人:
Our school academy -- opening professional practice teaching activities month
In order to improve the ability of students to professional practice, combining the cultivation of applied talents and social services, from the beginning of 2014 to early 11, my college of Education Science launched a series of professional practice teaching activity.
The teaching activity of specialized practice relates to pre-school education, special education, applied psychology, three undergraduate professional, with Second People's Hospital of Guizhou Province, Nanming District, Guiyang City special education school Guiyang city blind deaf mute school, Wudang district library, Guiyang City sixth kindergartens and other units of the cooperation, three professional take a group, when the volunteers, probation community playgroup, teaching skills contest and other forms, practice the target of training applied talents and realize the function of com. universities serve society, to improve their professional practice ability and helping local education agencies combined, both the effective exercise of students' professional practice ability, also contributed to the development of local society, received wide acclaim in place educational institutions and community, the expansion of the Guizhou Teachers College Social influence.
The professional practice teaching activities month is talent training quality improve college of Education Science, echoes one of the series of initiatives of the reform of school teaching, is the "Two Courses" (public pedagogy, Psychology) a companion of the educational reform, School of education science will continue to sum up experience, make the reform more productive steps.
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