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The higher education of the "big data" basic work
December 15, 2014   审核人:
With the accelerated process of globalization and informatization, structured, information and data integration, networking, industrialization, become the important ways and means of national governance, social production and life. In this background, to seize the "big data" industry opportunities, meet the "big data era" has become a major development strategy. Our school followed the strategic deployment of the provincial government, fully aware of the "great influence on the development of higher education of large data", in the beginning of this year held second of the representative assembly and the second industry generation will be the first meeting, it was stated positive around the needs of local economic and social development,...... "Gradually build and formation of teacher education, culture and tourism, with information technology as the core of large data application class of three university family group the coordinated development of the new pattern of" development strategy.
"Data" in simple terms, is to rely on the Internet and communication technology, the data and information collected from all walks of life, in a structured and modular classification, for social production, life and management to provide information engineering information analysis and reference.
The school a lot of data and information scattered in every corner. Such as, the school's name, address, postcode, nature, history, area, the number of students (number of professional students including specialist general of the adult, the college students' enrollment, etc.), students, teachers sources (including the number, degree, title, age, teaching, training, change, the school area, etc.) fixed assets, books, laboratory equipment, information construction and so on. These data inherent correlation, mutual influence, which restricts the development of the school. How to rely on the school Internet, will effectively collect all kinds of data and information, in a structured and modular classification, building a "data", to provide services for the construction and development of the school. Higher education basic statistical report (referred to as the "Gao Ji report") annual statistical data reporting, take constructs the basic work of the school is "big data" information engineering.
"High base report" data collection is a systems engineering, needs the various departments of the school, the school cooperate. When all data collected through school Internet, structured and modular sorted input of higher education at the grassroots level statistical statements, and approval by the administrative department of education, the school each year of higher education "big data" is complete, and in the construction of the school, play an important role in the development of. These a few years the school many targeted construction, analysis due to "high base report" data comparison. Published 2013 "from the digital change career development of Guizhou Teachers College -- high radical statements Perspective (2009 -2013 years)" article, is based on the analysis of higher education basic statistical data report school five years, shows the development achievements since the reform of the school, for the school provided the information consultation decision, also greatly encouraged the enthusiasm of teaching workers.
In a word, "high base report" is our school education "data", with which we can have a good grasp of the school development lifeline, promote the development of higher education schools.
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