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Mental health education and consultation center to carry out collective lesson preparation
January 6, 2015   审核人:
In the afternoon of January 5th, Yi Fu A218 room floor, mental health education and consultation center director Wan Rong led a "mental health education of college students" curriculum collective lesson preparation, the center staff and staff room teacher participation.
The main lesson Wan Rong has summed up the term "mental health education of college students" courses next semester, statements about the class teaching goal, teaching content, teaching difficulty focus. Then the teacher collective discussion of freedom of speech, carry on the thorough discussion to the content of the textbook, analyzing some problems appeared in the past in the classroom and solving method. Wang Tianqiao teachers share personal teaching experience and Reflection on teaching. The teaching method of teachers in the office of the collective term "under the mental health education of college students" course of each subject were discussed and design.
This collective lesson preparation, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of teachers, so that teachers will have a more profound understanding of the teaching of the course, is conducive to their quality of teachers and teaching effect improvement.
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