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The Provincial Department of education experts to visit our school examination in 2014 to accelerate the development of target performance work
March 26, 2015   审核人:
On March 26th,the Provincial Committee, Provincial Department of education organization to accelerate the development of objective performance appraisal group to come to our school for examination.
Assessment by the provincial authorities to do the original target group of full-time deputy director (departmental level) headed by Liao Yixiang, vice president of Guiyang University Jiao Yan for the deputy head of the Provincial Department of Education Research Director Xiong Xing, science and Technology Department of Guiyang University director Tang An, province education office director Hu Hongjun regulations, the Provincial Education Department International Department cadres Yang Shengben, the Provincial Department of Education Discipline Inspection and supervision Li Ning room cadre members.
9 a.m., assessment work meeting convened the first conference room in our school. Check all group leaders and experts, all of our school the school leadership and the relevant units responsible person to attend the briefing. The meeting was chaired by my school party secretary Chen Yang.
My school party secretary Chen Yang first represented the school Party committee, administration of the assessment team welcome, and fully affirmed the important role in promoting the objectives of performance appraisal in our school student management, scientific research, ideological and political work plays, at the same time, I hope the experts of our school with reform and development.
The assessment team leader Liao Yixiang made important instructions on the assessment work. He pointed out that, the evaluation is to assess the school achievements in 2014, through access to information, visit three on-site and polls, evaluation to the development of the school plays the role of witness.
Then, President Li Cunxiong from the school to improve the conditions of school running subject, specification, optimization, scientific research, health work party in the 17 aspects of the report for 2014 to accelerate the development of objective performance appraisal work, report fully demonstrated my school last year in the process of development of the achievements. When it comes to Li Cunxiong report, work style and attitude of seeking truth and not to avoid the pragmatic problems.
The briefing after the assessment team at the first conference room after carefully reviewed our school to speed up the development of supporting material target performance appraisal work, carried out the staff representatives, student representatives questionnaire survey, visited the relevant two level school, a comprehensive understanding of the work of schools development.
Materials after the inspection, assessment team immediately convened a feedback. Assessment group deputy head Jiao Yan, members of the bear star respectively in my school school norms and scientific research appraisal opinion feedback, and give the pertinent recommendations and evaluation.
Then, the evaluation team leader comrade Liao Yixiang on behalf of the evaluation team made a concluding statement, he first of all to my school 2014 year to speed up the development of targeted to be completed fully affirmed and praised, that our school should conscientiously, effective measures, is through the quantity and quality improvement. Especially in open education is a new breakthrough, personnel work the amount of increase, Party construction management norms, charters schools with practical style of work, over the completion of tasks, scientific research and achieved good results. At the same time, comrade Liao Yixiang on behalf of the group of experts to our school to meet the undergraduate teaching evaluation and future development and puts forward some opinions and suggestions.
President Li Cunxiong of group of assessment pertinent and professional, accurate recommendations expressed his thanks, and said that the school will take the connotation of development as the focus, increase the combined efforts of leading cadres and teachers, combined with the existing system and promote the development of the school.
School party secretary Chen Yang think the assessment group of highly responsible, objective, fair, and position school will treat assessment group proposal seriously, to assessment and construction as an opportunity, the existing problems in school for rectification, refinement, sum up experience, to implement, promote the development of our school more beautiful. Finally, Chen Yang of secretary of Party Committee on behalf of the school assessment team coming once again expressed his thanks.
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