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High Institute of academic team went to Jinping County Yao Bai Cun Dong culture survey
February 1, 2015   审核人:
On January 16th to 28, the Guizhou Higher Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology (hereinafter referred to as the "high research institute") teachers and students academic team a line of 11 people, person in charge Hu Zhanyao in office under the leadership of the Miao Yan state in Jinping Dong Autonomous County Dong Xiang Yao Bai Cun launched in Qiandongnan dialect area north Dong (referred to as the "North Dong") culture the field investigation.
Yao Bai Cun Yan Dong Xiang belongs to Jinping County, about 41 kilometers northwest of the county seat is located, is a 600 years of history of the North Dong culture representative villages. Yao white not only has to parsley Asaka, Nez containing tan as the representative of the beautiful natural landscape, are a large number of ancient cultural festival to swing, Yao white drama as the representative of the rich local characteristics of the national cultural heritage, which put the ancient prose section has been included in the national intangible cultural heritage list.
The field investigation, an important part of the research is not only our school of Humanities and Social Sciences in universities base China Mountain National Research Center of the 2014 year series of base of project implementation, but also by one of the high Research Institute organized the "Chinese Mountain Ethnic Village Series field investigation activities". During the study, the team members are divided into marriage, family and kinship, oral literature and folk festival, traditional sports and games, folk belief, the material culture, the traditional knowledge of biology six special team, to the local national culture conducted in-depth investigations and studies system. In the investigation of more than ten days time, the project team through the centralized discussion, household interviews and participant observation, to bear the project conducted a comprehensive and detailed understanding of, and respectively written investigation report.
Research activities have been warmly welcomed by Yan Dong Xiang and Yao Bai Cun and support. Deputy mayor Ou Yimin rate of Xiang the personnel of relevant departments accompanied investigation team into the village, introduces in detail the history of the Yao village of white and recent development, and urges the village two committees (Party branch committee and the village committee) should attach great importance to, cooperate actively, properly arrange the team of Teachers and students live and work, to ensure the smooth progress of the investigation activities. Lin Shifeng, vice mayor of the Township Committee Secretary Longzhen during survey to the village to see the research staff, asked in detail about the progress of the work and achievements, and the research team to carry out the national culture research Yao white thanks. Yao white village committee held a number of seminars, the research team's life and work has carried on the detailed arrangements for the deployment, the difficulties and problems encountered in research work and coordinate to solve. Research on the eve of the end, the village two committees also carefully organized a extremely rich national cultural characteristics of the party, to celebrate the successful completion of the investigation activities.
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