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Official WeChat public platform launched
March 31, 2015   审核人:

The educational administration in GZNC publishes an official WeChat public platform on March ,6th.In order to meet the needs of teaching management work under the new situation, further explore the effective way of the new media era of educational management, the educational administration began to organize relevant people to research, exploit and test the registry WeChat public platform in 2014 .At the end of 2014 ,the trial operation test based on feedback finished it's job. And now ,is officially running and providing services for the public.

At present, WeChat public platform can provide notice and educational information dynamiclly and timely. It can also provide routine work, the daily teaching calendar inquiries, and fast channel of the educational management system, Mandarin registration system and graduation thesis management system. Next step, they will hire a Professional Company to achieve realization and real-time Association of educational management system .It provides seamless docking of curriculum inquiry, course query, query results and many other services to the students.As for teachers, it provides teaching tasks, teachers' curriculum inquiry service query.

The registry WeChat public platform is the latest registry website among the educational management system and traditional information service system.It is a new window and a new platform for publicity .What's more,it is an extension and a beneficial supplementof the existing teaching information system and service system.The establish of WeChat public platform will make it quality and much easier to transfer academic information to teachers and students .It sure will provide services with a higher quality .

It will do a good job in the traditional teaching services. At the same time, it will continue to apply the advanced information technology to provide better services to the majority of teachers and students.

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