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Foreign Languages Institute of GZEU held Tomb Sweeping Events
April 15, 2015   审核人:

On April.5th, more than 30 students of Foreign Language Institute 2014 level spontaneously organized into Qian Ling Park to celebrate Qingming Festival and visit the graves.

In the afternoon, students took the bus and gathered together at the gate of Qian Ling Park. Under the leadership of Zhang Xinggang (a student of Foreign Language Institute), everyone lined up orderly into the park, and they left for the monument of liberation army heroes directly. Zhang Xinggang made a statement and introduced the achievements of the heroes, numerous historical battles and scenes of killing the enemies came into everyone’s eyes as if they appeared again.

Sacrifice spirits of liberation army’s fearlessness and their lofty qualities impressed everyone’s heart. With the depressing feelings, students went to stand under the monument one by one, they held flowers to spend the sincere moment of silence, bowed to honor heroes and offered flowers to hero fighters. After the ceremony, students left the graves with respect and sadness slowly.

Through this activity, everyone cleared more about the historical missions for college students nowadays, they expressed that they would inherit the heroes’ unfulfilled wishes and go along their footprints and follow their revolutionary spirits from one generation to one generation. They also said they would work hard and learn skills and devote for the development of schools and society by themselves.

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