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Morning Hours is the Best Time of the Day to Work – the Dynamic Postures of Our Campus on the Morning
November 12, 2015   审核人:

Spring is the starter for a year as dawn is for a day. In order to enhance the physical fitness of students, cultivate students' willpower, guide students to develop good habits of work and rest, our university encourages our students to carry out the sunshine sports, the freshmen of our university carry out the early exercise activity.

Every morning, we can see the morning exercises figures of students from the playground. The morning exercises, calisthenics, shadowboxing, etc. all kinds of collective exercise activities are diverse. Each college carries out the activities actively and arranges people for attendance, guiding students to get up early for the morning exercises, reading in the morning. The exercise vigorous posture breathing the fresh air in the morning, which full of more energy into a day of study and life.

The running figures in the early morning has become a beautiful scenery line in our campus.

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