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The team of Guizhou Education University Won the First Prize in the 2018 American College Students Mathematical Modeling Contest (MCM/ICM)
April 26, 2018   审核人:

On April 21, 2018 U.S. college students' mathematical contest in modeling and interdisciplinary mathematical contest in modeling (MCM/ICM) published that, through the selection of 27 students in nine teams from 2017, teams of Guizhou Education University won a first prize (Meritorious Winner) (Qiu Nanya, LiuYan, Yang Yun Team), four second prizes (Honorable Mention) (Zhu Ke, Huang Shanshan, Li Mingzhu Team, Yuan Qinqin, Wangxu, Ren Mingyan Team, Zhang Li, Lei Zhaoxi, Mao Xihong Team, Shen Xiaoqian, Xie Shuangqun Team), four third prizes (Successful Participant) (Cai Xia, Deng Lu, Song Wei Team, Hu Lian, Gan Yurong, Yu Min Team, Yuan Hu, Zhu Desun, Zhao Guangliang Team, Huang Huaishun, Wang Xi, Chen Lu Team).

It is the only first prize won by Guizhou university this year, the race choice is E "How does climate change influence of regional instability? The team analyzed the problem that reflects a country's vulnerability index factors, and then established mathematical model to calculate the predicted vulnerability index of individual countries in ten years, to help reduce the vulnerability of national index. This problem belongs to the interdisciplinary modeling ICM, which is more difficult than mathematical modeling MCM.


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