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Our University Held the Flag-raising Ceremony
October 1, 2020  

In order to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and to stimulate the enthusiasm and patriotism of students to serve the country, more than 700 teachers and students of Guizhou Education university held the National Day Flag-raising ceremony on the morning of October 1.Zou Xiaoqing, the vice President, attended the ceremony.

At 8:50 am, dressed in neat military uniform, with a sonorous and forceful step, the flag escort escorted the national flag to the national flag platform. Accompanied by the impassioned "March of the Volunteers", the flag-bearer flied the five-star red flag into the blue sky, the bright five-star red flag raising and fluttering in the wind. All the teachers and students t stand solemnly, with patriotic heart to celebrate the mother of the motherland 71st birthday.

The flag-raising ceremony ended with more than 700 teachers and students singing "Me and my Motherland". After the ceremony, students took a group photo to commemorate the beautiful moment of the affectionate confession to the motherland.

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