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Vice President Zou Xiaoqing visited the School of Foreign Languages to investigate the management of International Students
March 18, 2021  

On the afternoon of March 17th, Vice President Zou Xiaoqing went to the School of Foreign Languages to conduct a special investigation on the management of foreign students, accompanied by Zhang Yao, director  of the Department of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation.The meeting was held in the meeting room of the School of Foreign Languages. Tan Dingde, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Foreign Languages, Yu Xuejun, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, and the teachers who are responsible for the international students affairs attended the meeting.

At the research meeting, Zhang Yao briefly reviewed and introduced the international student enrollment and management work of our university in recent years. Tan Dingde and Yu Xuejun respectively reported the teaching and daily management of international students, elaborated on the basic situation and existing problems of the management of international students in the School of Foreign Languages, and put forward solutions to some existing problems. The teachers who are  responsible for the work of international students made supplemen tary speeches according to the actual situation of the work.

Zou Xiaoqing listened to the report and gave affirmation to the painstaking efforts made by the School of Foreign Languages in the management of international students, and offered guidance according to the research situation: Firstly, to form a consensus in the thoughts, enhance the consciousness of the master. The work of international students will be closely combined with the university's development goals for opening up, with focus on improving the quality of education for international students, and cultivating a group of high-quality overseas students who know China, love China and love the university. Secondly, through the construction of mechanisms, ideological guidance, activities and other ways to actively promote the exchange and integration of diverse cultures, to achieve the complementation of Chinese and foreign students advantages; We should adhere to the principle of homogenous management and silent humanistic care. We need to attach importance to and do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic on a regular basis. Thirdly, be confident, and overcome difficulties. The next step will be to further straighten out the management mechanism of international students. Relevant departments and colleges should work together to gradually improve the teaching and living environment of international students, improve the quality of teaching, logistics services and management, and accelerate the further development of the education of international students in our university.

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