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April 16, 2013   审核人:


    买方 buyer
  卖方 seller

  项目名称 Project name

  地址 address

  电话 phone

  传真 fax

  联系人 contact person


  This contract is made by and between the buyers and sellers, whereby the buyers agree to buy and the sellers agree to sell the under-mentioned. Commodities according to the terms and conditions stipulated below.

  1. 详细货物清单 Detail supply list

  2. 合同价格 Contract value

  序号 item 型号 model 尺寸 size, dimension 数量 amount, unit 单价 unit price 总价 total price 备注 remark 货物,运费 freight, transportation 合同总额(含安装费与税金) Contract amount incl. VAT installation

  3. 付款条件 payment conditions, payment terms

  4. 交货地点 delivery place

  5. 发货期 delivery time

  6. 安装条款 installation clause

  7. 验收条款 inspection clause

  8. 保证条款 guarantee clause

  9. 不可抗拒条款 Force Majeure Clause

  10. 违约条款 Breach clause

  11. 其他条款 Miscellaneous clause

  12. 买卖双方信息 buyer and seller information

  此合同一式二份,由双方各持一正本。This contract is made in two originals that should be held by each party.

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