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Tourism,good or bad
June 16, 2013   审核人:
Without proper planning, tourism can cause problems. For example, too many tourists can crowd public places that are also enjoyed by the inhabitants of a country. If tourists create too much traffic, the inhabitants become annoyed and unhappy. They begin to dislike tourists and to treat them impolitely. They forget how much tourism can help the country’s economy. It is important to think about the people of a destination(目的地) country and how tourism affects them. Tourism should help a country keep the customs and beauty that attract tourists. Tourism should also advance the well- being ( health and happiness )of local inhabitants.

Too much tourism can be a problem. If tourism grows too quickly, people must leave other jobs to work in the tourism industry. This means that other parts of the county’s economy can suffer.

On the other hand, if there is not enough , people can lose jobs. Businesses can also lose money. It costs a great deal of money to build large hotels , airports, air terminals, first-class roads, and other support facilities (设施)needed by tourist attractions. For example, a major international-class tourism hotel can cost as much as 50 thousand dollars per room to build. If this room is not used most of the time, the owners of the hotel lose money.

Building a hotel is just a beginning. There must be many support facilities as well, including the roads to get to the hotel, electricity, sewers to handle waste, and water. All of these support facilities cost money. If they are not used because there are no enough tourists, jobs and money are lost.
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