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· Vice President Guo Wen meet guests from Box Hill Institute, Australia 06/29/2016 09:40 AM 
· Vice President Linghu Rongfeng Led the Delegation to Take Part in the Study in China (Guizhou) Education Exhibition 05/02/2016 03:00 PM 
· Our University Holds the Sports Festival 04/28/2016 02:58 PM 
· V²MOOCs team of our university won the first place in 2016 Microsoft "innovation cup" in Guizhou division 04/07/2016 10:35 AM 
· Good News –Fancy Rope Skipping Team Made New Achievement Once More 03/28/2016 03:09 PM 

· The Higher Normal College School of Anhui Province Ma Anshan Came to Our University Exchanged the "National Training Plan" Management Experience 03/26/2016 03:07 PM 
· Our university signed cooperation framework agreement with Luodian Education Bureau 03/17/2016 08:40 AM 
· Lin Zixiong, director of international office of Chienkuo Technology University of Taiwan visited Zhidian college students' innovative training base of our university 03/16/2016 09:40 PM 
· Our University Had the Honor to Won the 2015 Ordinary Undergraduate 03/01/2016 02:51 PM 
· Leaders of Our University Visited to Console Watchkeepers During the Spring Festival 02/10/2016 03:06 PM 

· Leaders of Our University Visited to Console Watchkeepers During the Spring Festival 12/16/2015 03:04 PM 
· Our University Held a Conference of Security and Stability 12/02/2015 03:00 PM 
· Gather strength and Full of Energy – the Staff Basketball Game of Our University Came to a Successful Ending 11/27/2015 11:14 AM 
· Morning Hours is the Best Time of the Day to Work – the Dynamic Postures of Our Campus on the Morning 11/12/2015 11:15 AM 
· Mental Health Education and Counseling Center Carried Out the Training Program of Psychological Commissioners of Grade 2015 10/10/2015 03:45 PM 

· Gu Liying, the Vice President of Guiyang College Visited the Continuing Education School of Our University 10/10/2015 03:44 PM 
· The Chair of Business Alumni Association of Our University Paid a Return Visit to His Alma Mater 09/16/2015 11:31 AM 
· Our University Won Awards in the First National University Mathematics Micro Teaching Design Contest 07/31/2015 09:26 AM 
· Our University held the Mobilization Meeting of Intern Program of the graduates of Grade 2016 07/16/2015 09:32 AM 
· Our University Carried out the Activities of "6.26" Anti-Drug Day 06/29/2015 03:25 PM 
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