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International students

Admission for International Students

Admission for International Students


I. Applicants Qualifications

Applicants should be Non-Chinese citizens, senior high school graduates (except for non-degree study), over 18, in good health, and with reliable financial support and custody

Applicants for degree study should have a certificate of HSK4, or should have one year full-time Chinese training in our university before step in professional study;

Applicants for non-degree study should understand basic Chinese except for “Chinese (Entry Level)”.


II. Programs & Tuition for International Students


Program Type




Application Deadline

Bachelor   Degree Program

4 years

All bachelor   degree programs


June 30

Chinese   (Elementary)

1 year



Chinese   (Intermediate)

1 year


Chinese   (Advanced)

1 year


Short-term   Chinese Training

 6 months



Group   Class

The number   of students in this program is required to reach at least 15. Our university   will design the courses, schedules and activities according to your   requirements. The specific details such as starting time, tuition,   accommodation expense and other expenses will be further discussed.  Besides, the courses will include   Introduction to Chinese Culture, Chinese training program during holiday,   University Students' Chinese Summer Camp, Introduction to Guizhou Minority Culture   etc.

All the courses will be lectured in Chinese

All the expenses are only for reference

Reminder: 1. Applicants should also pay the application fee (400RMB) and registration fee (100RMB/semester);

2. Teaching materials fee will be charged based on the actual cost;

3. Insurance fee will be covered by applicants.

4. Accommodation fee for International Students’ Apartment: 600RMB/month/person for a double room.

5. Board expenses: about 20RMB per day (only in the canteen). Besides, cooking in the public kitchen of the apartment is also available.

In addition, Guizhou Education University will recommend excellent international students to apply for the Government Scholarships.


III. How to apply

1. E-mail all the application materials to gjc@gznc.edu.cn , including

(1) Application Form, available at http://waishi.gznc.edu.cn/.

(2) Diploma and academic records in original or notarized copies in English or Chinese. Applicants, who are about to graduate, can submit a certification of upcoming graduation.

(3) Photocopy of HSK 4 certificate or Chinese learning certificate (if applicable).

(4) Foreigner physical examination table.

(5) Photocopy of passport.

(6) CV

(7) Certificate of HSK4 and a recommendation letter from an associate professor ( Applicants for degree programs)

2. Once accepted, the applicant will receive an Acceptance Letter and a “Visa Application for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China” (Form JW202).

3. With these documents the applicant can go to the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate for visa application.

4. Registration. Applicant shall bring the Acceptance Letter, Form JW202 and passport to register with Guizhou Education University at required time, then to finish related procedures at Exit and Entry Administration of Guiyang Municipal Public Security Bureau within 24 hours.

5. After the students get to school, they must go to the entry and exit quarantine inspection bureau for foreigner physical examination led by teachers. Students who obtain a certificate may continue to study in our university, or we'll cancel the admission.

Contact us:

Address: Department of International Exchange & Cooperation, Guizhou Education University, No.115, Gaoxin Rd, Wudang District, Guiyang, Guizhou ,China 550018

Tel: 86-851-85815957  86-851-86205886    Fax: 86-851-85815957     Email: gjc@gznc.edu.cn




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