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School of History and Archive
December 29, 2018  

The school of history and archives originated from the department of history of Guizhou Education University in 1988. In 2009, with the transformation of the school from adult education to ordinary higher education, the department of history was renamed the school of history and society. With more than 30 years of experience in running the school, the college has a team of teachers full of vitality in teaching and scientific research, and the discipline and specialty construction of the college shows a good development trend. From the history in 2009 (normal class, enrollment in 2010), archives in 2011 (enrollment in 2012), and cultural industry management in 2012 (enrollment in 2013), the school initially established an interdisciplinary education model of education and formed distinct professional advantages. In 2018, the university adjusted the secondary college, and the cultural industry management major of our college was transferred and merged into the college of tourism and culture. The college only has two majors, history and archives.

The college has 37 faculty and staff, including 24 full-time teachers, 8 part-time teachers and 5 administrative staff, including 9 professors and 16 associate professors. There are 17 doctoral students (3 students), 9 master's students, 6 bachelor's students, and 84% teachers with master's degree or above. With reasonable age, academic degree structure and excellent academic relationship structure (mostly from famous universities outside the province), the college has formed a teacher team with middle-aged teachers as the backbone and the combination of old, middle and young teachers.

Teachers of our college take "education history of Guizhou", "education of Guizhou nationality" and "history and culture of Guizhou" as the main research directions. In recent years, teachers have published 71 papers in various academic journals, including 18 core journals. Presided over 5 national-level projects, 2 ministry of education projects, 15 provincial-level projects and 24 provincial-level projects; Completed 6 monograph on history; Participated in the compilation of 2 historical monographs, 1 revision note of ancient books, 1 translation of foreign historical monographs, 1 textbook of the 12th five-year plan and 2 self-compiled textbooks.

In accordance with the development planning outline of Guizhou normal university from 2011 to 2015, the development planning of the school of history and society from 2011 to 2015 and the development planning of the school of history and society from 2016 to 2020, the development planning for the construction of history major and the development planning for the construction of archives major were formulated. In accordance with the requirements of the plan, relevant construction work has been carried out in discipline and specialty construction, school scale, teacher team construction, scientific research, foreign exchanges and cooperation, etc., with achievements achieved year by year.

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