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School of Geography and Resources
December 29, 2018  

After more than 30 years of development and accumulation, the college of geography and tourism has made great progress in both the disciplines of geography science and tourism management. A number of experts and scholars with great influence have emerged in the province, and a team of teachers with rich teaching experience and high research ability has been created. Over the years, these professors and scholars have devoted themselves to scholarly research, teaching and educating, and produced a large number of scientific research achievements, making great contributions to the cultivation of professional talents. Over the past 30 years, it has trained more than 1,000 geography teachers for primary and secondary schools in our province, and more than 1,000 application-oriented talents for tourism enterprises and institutions. The college of geography and tourism now offers four undergraduate majors, namely, geography science (normal), tourism management, agricultural resources and environment, and land resource management, and tourism management (order training).The department of environmental science is one of the first characteristic key disciplines in Guizhou province and one of the teaching teams in Guizhou province. At present, the college has 1115 undergraduates and 37 junior college students.

The college of geography and tourism has 68 faculty members, including 7 full professors, 26 associate professors and 17 lecturers. Among them, there are 19 PHDS (including 5 PhD candidates) and 41 master candidates. There are 52 full-time teachers, 5 experimental technicians, 2 teaching administrators and 6 student administrators in the teaching staff of the college. The college has geography teaching and research office, tourism management teaching and research office, resources and environment teaching and research office, land resource management teaching and research office; Agricultural resources and environment laboratory, natural geography laboratory, tourism training room, karst agricultural ecology and environment laboratory and geographical information and mapping engineering laboratory. Natural geography consists of soil room, plant room, geological room, GIS and remote sensing room, meteorological room, mapping and measurement room, environmental room and other 10 sub-rooms. The practical training room for tourism consists of guest room, Chinese food, western food and simulated training room for tour guides. National cultural tourism exhibition hall, geographical exhibition hall; Institute of resources, environment and disaster, institute of regional tourism, institute of agro-ecology and rural development three university level non-establishment research; Guizhou education society geography teaching research institute affiliated college.

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