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School of Biological Sciences
December 29, 2018  

The college of biological sciences of Guizhou education university was born out of the school of chemistry and life sciences according to the strategic layout and development needs of the school to create "double first-class”. With green life breath, she shows the youth, dream and pursuit of the college's teachers and students to the world.

The college now has more than 740 students, more than 10 million yuan of various experimental instruments and equipment, 6 innovation and entrepreneurship practice bases for college students, and 6 off-campus non-normal practice practice bases. Currently, the college has 40 faculty and staff, including 5 professors and 20 associate professors (including other vice-senior titles), accounting for 62.5% of the total number of teachers. There are 24 postdoctoral, doctoral and doctoral candidates, accounting for 60% of the total number of teachers. Among full-time teachers, more than 80% are highly qualified and highly educated, making them a very strong teaching and research team.

The college has one provincial key supporting discipline of "biology", one key laboratory of "Guizhou characteristic biological resources development and utilization" education department, one engineering research center of comprehensive development and utilization of tea seed resources in Guizhou province, and one national comprehensive reform project of biological resources science. In recent years, the college has won 6 national natural science fund projects, more than 20 provincial natural science fund projects, more than 30 provincial education department, municipal and district science and technology bureau and other scientific research projects, with a total of more than 6 million yuan in research funds. Won 1 second prize and 2 third prize of Guizhou provincial science and technology progress award; Won 2 second prizes of basic education scientific research and education teaching reform experiment excellent results in Guizhou province. He has published more than 200 scientific research papers in various national journals, including more than 20 SCI papers.

"Join all kinds, experience Pepsi, I am the same thing, learning to apply" -- this is our philosophy of learning;"Mingde open things, practice truth-seeking" -- this is our spiritual territory;" Unity, perseverance, honesty and diligence" -- this is our unremitting pursuit. May the college of biological science of Guizhou education university become our spiritual home, our spiritual habitat, and the place where each and every one of us can achieve academic and career success!

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