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School of Music and Dance
December 29, 2018  

School of music and dance is a new college established on the basis of the school of art established in March 2009 and reorganized in June 2018.Under the care and support of the school leaders, the school has developed at a rapid speed, and now there are 818 students in the school. There are 41 teaching staff, including 2 professors, 12 associate professors, 3 national first-class actors, 1 doctoral student, 25 postgraduate students, 16 lecturers and 10 teaching assistants. Music dance academy insists on cultivating applied talents with all-round development of morality, knowledge, ability and quality.

Campus include music, dance, learn two major teaching laboratory, a total of five in the personnel training mode, curriculum setting, teaching plan, teaching content, teaching method, teaching means, teaching material construction, teaching staff construction, teaching practice, art practice, scientific research, highlight the characteristics of teacher education and Guizhou ethnic folk art characteristics and the regional culture characteristic, for economic development in Guizhou and basic education to cultivate outstanding teachers and qualified personnel.

The college has an independent art building, with digital recording training room, digital piano training room, stage performance training room, chorus rehearsal training room, dance training room, computer MIDI training room, multimedia classroom and other fixed assets equipment of more than 3 million yuan.

College, adhering to the "mingde, enlightenment is, fine art, beauty," the school motto, to "stage on the platform, give attention to two or more things, mastering many skills while specializing in" for the personnel training, to "practice to drive, in order to promote learning" as the talent cultivation mode, the personnel training, scientific research and social services, cultural inheritance, foreign exchange and cooperation, etc., highlight the characteristics of teacher education and Guizhou ethnic folk art characteristics and the regional culture characteristics. We will continue to strengthen cooperation between schools, enterprises and schools, strengthen the foundation and practice, strengthen students' professional skills while paying attention to teaching skills, and train excellent teachers and qualified talents for the economic and social development and basic education of Guizhou. At present, the college has built more than 10 internship and practice bases in and outside the province.

College teachers and students work together, work diligently, and continuously strengthening the artistic accomplishment and enhance the level of theory, relying on the art education of primary and secondary schools in Guizhou development research center, Wuhan music institute of Guizhou ethnic folk music and dance creation tour base, colorful Guizhou culture and arts co., LTD., talent training base and so on platform, the research of theory, art creation and stage practice, fruitful. In recent years, he has published more than 300 professional academic papers in domestic public journals, including more than 40 core journals. It has obtained more than 100 scientific research projects, including 2 provincial fund projects and more than 20 provincial-level projects. He has published more than 80 artistic works and won more than 60 prizes in various competitions at all levels. Created and edited more than 10 ethnic minority song and dance plays in Guizhou, which were successfully exhibited on high-end art platforms in the province and received unanimous praise from experts in the industry.

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