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Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
December 29, 2018  

Established on March 16, 2018, the Institute of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, strategically located Education University is a teaching unit of Guizhou normal University. The college has four departments: comprehensive service office, innovation education center, entrepreneurship practice center and innovation and entrepreneurship education research center. Currently, there are 10 teachers, including 2 professors and 3 associate professors. The college has carried out a series of innovation and entrepreneurship education reforms with the mission of "cultivating innovative pillars and cultivating talents in central Guizhou" and the construction vision of "first-class in the west and top in Guizhou", and achieved good basic results.

Main functions of the college:

1. Organize education courses of innovation and entrepreneurship to popularize knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship;

2. Organize and carry out entrepreneurship training to enhance the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship;

3. Support students to carry out innovative and entrepreneurial practices and serve the incubation of entrepreneurial enterprises;

4. Build education public platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, and create education ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship;

5. Establish and improve the competition mechanism for innovation and entrepreneurship, and create an atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship competition;

6. Cooperate with the education teaching reform of the university, promote the innovation and entrepreneurship talent training mode reform, and strive to play a leading role in the innovation and entrepreneurship education and practice of colleges and universities in Guizhou.

As one of the first batch of education demonstration universities for deepening reform, innovation and entrepreneurship in Guizhou province, our school has been approved by the science and technology department of Guizhou province to establish a science and technology park of Guizhou education university (provincial level), a public innovation space of siyuan (national level), and a "double-first-class" platform and two innovation training centers for college students. The university is also one of the first pilot universities of the "excellent engineer training program" of the education department of Guizhou province. It has one provincial engineering practice education center, one provincial science popularization demonstration base and one provincial labor model innovation studio. It has achieved excellent results in international and domestic undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship and discipline competitions for many times. For a long time, the basic task of Guizhou education university around khalid ents, promote students' innovative practice ability at the core of the requirements, adhere to national innovation drive to lead, to social demand as the guide, supported by innovative talent training system, fully rely on discipline industry advantages, integration of the various elements of resources, build collaborative innovation together, formed the practice education with distinct features brand creative work. The university gives full play to its advantages in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, excavates resources inside and outside the university, and achieves excellent results in the process of building an innovation-driven and demonstrative innovation and entrepreneurship base.

In 2017, the university has completed the full coverage of innovation and entrepreneurship education. The number of students directly participating in the national and provincial innovation and entrepreneurship training programs for college students accounts for 35.5% of the total number of students in the university, and the number of graduates starting businesses accounts for 3.78% of the total number of graduates. 82 teams of teachers and students have been enrolled in the mass innovation space and the incubation of university science park. In the past three years, students have won more than 300 prizes in competitions at or above the provincial and ministerial levels. In 2014, 2016 and 2018, "create youth" national college students entrepreneurship competition won 1 gold award, 2 silver awards, 6 bronze awards and 2 excellent organization awards, ranking first in Guizhou province.In 2017 and 2018, China's "Internet +" college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition won one silver award and two bronze awards in the national competition, which is the best result of normal universities in southwest China. Our students also won one first prize, one second prize and four third prizes in the 2018 American college students mathematical modeling contest, and one second prize and two third prizes in the 2016 -- 2018 Microsoft "innovation cup" global college students science and technology competition in China. The achievements of innovation and entrepreneurship competition rank top in Guizhou province, forming a good practice and education atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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