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Wang Hui, President of Provincial Education Union and Zhou Baoying, President of Education International Exchange Association Visited Our School
October 15, 2019  

On the morning of October 11, President Yu Zhongming and vice President Linghu Rongfeng met with President Wang Hui and President Zhou Baoying, and Matt Bazely, director of international department of education college of the University of Western Ontario, in the conference room 907 of the information building. Yang Fan, senior manager of the international education development of Australia IDP education group, Hong Ying, from teacher’s office of provincial department of education, Chen Xiaofei, the director of provincial education international exchange association, Wu Yuehua, provincial education international exchange association officials, Wu Wanjun, director of foreign exchange cooperation, Dai Li, director of teachers’ office, Yu Xuejun, dean of school of foreign languages, Zhao Desu, dean of school of continuing education, Meng Changpei, teacher of school of foreign languages and other staff attended the symposium.

The meeting is presided over by Zhang Yao, director of the department of international exchange and cooperation. Yu Zhongming welcomed Wang Hui and Zhou Baoying and introduced the basic information of our school from the aspects of school history, school size, school orientation, scientific research achievements and teachers, and emphasized the international exchange and cooperation of our school, stressing that the school attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation. The personal visit of Wang Hui, Zhou Baoying and Matt Bazely will surely promote the development of international exchange and cooperation in our school.

Matt Bazely introduced the basic situation of University of Western Ontario. The University of Western Ontario, in London, Ontario, is one of Canada's oldest universities, with seven departments and two vocational colleges. With an annual research budget of more than $200 million, the number of teaching staff has reached 1,400. Business school ranks in the top ten, 50% of graduate students are international students, and education school includes preschool education, language acquisition and teaching.

Linghu Rongfeng pointed out that internationalization has become the new orientation of our school, the arrival of Wang Hui and Zhou Baoying greatly promoted the cooperation between our school and Canadian universities. He hoped that our school could carry out the training for English teachers in the school of foreign languages as soon as possible, which would not only have great significance to our teachers, but also have a profound impact on the professional development of teachers in primary and secondary schools across the province.


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