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Our university carried out a series of reading promotion activities for 2022 "World Book Day"
April 25, 2022  

On April 22, 2022, in order to enrich campus cultural life, stimulate students' enthusiasm for reading and implement the spirit of the class meeting with the theme of "Walking the Long March in the New Era" carried out by the Provincial Department of Education, according to the unified arrangement of the university, on the occasion of "April 23" World Reading Day, the Library of our university led the College Students' Readers' Association to hold a themed class meeting. In Jianhu Square, a series of reading promotion activities of "youth and reading, growing up with books" were carried out. At the scene of the activity, vice president Zou Xiaoqing came to guide and announced the opening of the activity.

Zou xiaoqing pointed out in the opening speech that the World Book Day only has one day every year, but its significance lies in making every day a "reading day", arousing students' interest in reading, forming a good reading atmosphere in the campus and promoting the construction of connotation culture of the school. Fang Shangli, the director of the library, hopes to create a better campus of books through various reading promotion activities, so that everyone can come to "read good books, cultivate virtue and make good behavior". Then, the activity began with the students reading the poem "Reading China".

The reading promotion activities on the day were varied and varied, and each activity was carried out in the steps of "customs clearance, punching and printing". At the scene of the activity, there was also a consulting point for the graduation thesis examination of senior students to answer their questions and clarify their doubts.

In order to ensure the smooth development of this series of reading promotion activities, the students of the Readers' Association did a lot of preparatory work. The students cooperated with each other and actively carried out planning, production and publicity, etc., specifically completing the plan formulation, personnel training, poster design, site application, public account push and other preparations for various materials and equipment. On the day before the activity, the students of the Readers' Association participated in the activity actively and arranged the site in an orderly way, making full preparations for the activity officially launched the next day.

On the day of the activity, more than 5000 students and teachers participated in various reading promotion activities. The activity ended at 5:30 PM. According to statistics, this reading promotion activity gave more than 600 books and more than 1500 gifts, teachers and students exchanged 256 books, readers recommended more than 2300 books to fill in the wish, and absolved 97 readers of late book fees.

The reading promotion activity was successfully completed and received great support and recognition from teachers and students. World Book Day is only one day a year, but its significance is to make every day a "book Day". Libraries adhere to the people-oriented, carry out a variety of reading promotion activities, guide students to establish a correct view of reading, let the majority of students feel the charm of reading, share the happiness of reading, and grow up in reading, effectively promote the construction of campus culture.

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