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The school held a conference on 2023 Foreign affairs
May 14, 2023  

On May 11th, the 2023 Foreign Affairs Work Conference was held at the university, which was attended by all school leaders and chaired by Vice President Ren Jie.

Productivity is the key to success, and Shi Peixin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the university, emphasized the need for the entire institution to work hard to strengthen its foundation and build momentum for development. This entails meticulous attention to current work as well as long-term planning to reserve policies, programs, platforms, mechanisms, and personnel and teams. Furthermore, the university must identify the focal points and breakthroughs in international cooperation and exchange work to cultivate application-oriented talents with an international perspective, enhancing the university's core competitiveness in areas such as personnel training and discipline construction. The university must also build consensus, strengthen awareness, and seize opportunities collectively.

To improve the quality of talent training, the university will explore and develop innovative brands, carry out in-depth cooperation with foreign university alliances, industry organizations, and associations, while also establishing more platforms for exchanges between China and foreign countries. The university will actively promote substantive cooperation, such as joint scientific research, co-construction of laboratories, introduction of international high-level teachers, and Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools.

During the meeting, Xiong Shihuan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the University and Deputy Leader of the Leading Group of Foreign Affairs of the University, announced the list of Outstanding Foreign Affairs Teams and Outstanding Foreign Affairs Specialists of Guizhou Normal University in 2022. School leaders presented certificates of honor to the winning colleges and individuals. Zhang Yao, Director of the Department of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation, then reported on the key work and achievements of the university's international exchange and cooperation, the existing problems, and the next work plan. The university has implemented the "five main" mode in practice and achieved the "five new" results. The next step is to focus on seven key points and build an international exchange and cooperation system integrating personnel training, teaching staff, professional development, and scientific research to improve the quality of open schools.

As representatives of the Outstanding Foreign Affairs Work group of the university in 2022, Yu Xuejun, the Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, and Ma Guanhui, the Dean of the School of Music and Dance, exchanged speeches. Ran Jiangjing, a teacher from the School of Mathematics and Big Data, and Li Jinwen, a teacher from the School of Literature and Media, exchanged speeches as the representatives of the Outstanding Foreign Affairs Specialist in 2022. All participants watched the publicity video of Guizhou Normal University.

The Party Administration Office, the Propaganda Department, the United Front Work Department, the Teachers' Work Department, the Students' Work Department, the Academic Affairs Office, the Scientific Research Office, the Enrollment and Employment Guidance Office, the Personnel Office, the Planning and Finance Office, the Student Financial Aid Management Center, the Security Department, the main party and government leaders of the secondary colleges, the heads of the colleges in charge of foreign affairs, the foreign affairs commissioners, and all the staff of the Office of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation attended the meeting.

Text/Dong qi   Photo/Chu Qinli   Review/Xue Pu


Shi Peixin speaks

Xiong Shihuan read out the List of Outstanding Foreign Affairs Teams and Outstanding Foreign Affairs Specialists of Guizhou Normal University in 2022.

Ren Jie presided over the meeting

awards ceremony

Zhang Yao made a presentation

2022 Outstanding foreign affairs collective representatives exchange speeches

2022 Outstanding Foreign Affairs specialist representative exchange speech

Meeting site

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