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Scientific Research Department
October 23, 2011  

Scientific Research Department is an administrative department in charge of scientific and applied science research on campus, with the major responsibilities for scientific research, science and technology planning, academic exchange, scientific research teams, science and technology information, intellectual property management, etc. All schools and departments atGui Zhou  Education University  have in total 14 scientific research institutions.

With consistent adherence to the guideline of “teaching driving research while research pushing teaching”, the department has been conducive to the college’s considerable achievements in scientific research. The college with the help of the department has been taking an active part in application of projects provided by Guizhou provincial Office of Social Sciences Planning, Office of Social Sciences Achievement Evaluation, Science and Technology Agency subordinated to Education Department, and Finance Department. In addition, the college has been keeping in close contact with some functional departments of scientific research management and some local departments such as National Office of Social Sciences Planning, National Office of Education Sciences, National Office of Arts Planning, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice and State Education Commission, focusing on learning the relevant systems of scientific research and application procedure of projects, participating in conferences and trainings of scientific research, as well as expanding the scale and increasing the level of project application and study for the faculty and staff at Gui Zhou  Education University .

Leader:Jin Feng


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