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The Regulations of Working at GZNC (Tentative)
June 28, 2015  

In order to strengthen the management of foreign experts and foreign teachers working at GZNC, and give full play to the foreign teachers in the role of teaching and research so as to increase the working effectiveness, in accordance with the relevant state policies and in light of the actual situation in GZNC, the International Office of Cooperation and Exchange (IOCE) stipulates the following rules.

I. During the stay at GZNC, the foreign teachers should consciously abide by China's political and social policy, by Chinese laws and regulations, respect for the Chinese people's moral standards and customs, and non-interfere in China's internal affairs.

II. China implements the policy of religious freedom, and GZNC respects for foreign teachers’ personal and national customs and religious beliefs; nevertheless, all the foreign teachers are forbidden to carry out religious missionary work in China and engage in activities incompatible with their position. Without the approval of the relevant departments of the China's government, the foreign teachers shall not set up an inter-schools or trans-regional organizations.

III. GZNC allows the foreign teachers to celebrate their festivals and organized activities, etc. in ensuring compliance with rules and regulations under the premise of the school designated location, but the foreign teachers must be submit to obtain the approval of school beforehand. There must be no content of anti-China activities, religious propaganda, obscenity or attack of a third country. Once found, GZNC will immediately cease the activities and the organizers should shoulder the corresponding responsibility.

IV. It should be agreed with the consent of GZNC before posting printings such as notice, advertising, and distribution of publicity materials, which should be put up on display at the designated location. It is subject to approval of the government to publish external publications,.

V. The foreign teachers should consciously abide by the school management, and complete the task issued in accordance with school teaching plan, ensuring the quality of work, to meet the guidance, inspection and assessment of GZNC. During employment, without consent, all the foreign teachers should not do any other services unrelated.

VI. The foreign teachers have the duty to guarantee the normal school teaching work order and discipline, punctual for class and no early dismissal. Without school agreement, the foreign teachers are not allowed to transfer or cancel classes. Under the special condition that the foreign teachers cannot give classes, the foreign teachers should ask leave from the school in advance to avoid the interference with normal teaching.

VII. The foreign teachers should pay attention to their behavior on class. Do not give any speech before Chinese students containing the content of being against, attacking or harming other countries or the feelings of the people of other countries. The reference materials (such as audio-video products, etc.) of the foreign teachers should be agreed in advance with the consent of the school.

VIII. The foreign teachers should protect the equipments that the school provides, and pay attention to water saving, energy saving and fire prevention, and operate all the equipments according to the operation manual. Any economic losses caused by any human-induced incidents as a result of improper operation will be borne by the operator. Every foreign teacher should properly keep the key to the room and return to IOCE before they leave school. All the room items should be left at their places when foreign teachers leave school.

IX. It’s prohibited to keep pets on campus.

X. The foreign teachers must go to the school hospital or designated hospital to receive public health services, but excluding expenses and the cost of treatment such as teeth care, prophylaxis, cosmetic, massage, glasses, hospital meals, taking nourishing medicine and chronic illness medicine. According to the medical diagnosis, if the foreign teachers ask for sick leave over 30 days and still can not resume normal work, according to the relevant state regulations, should terminate the contract, and return to home country to receive treatment. In the contract period, the foreign experts and foreign teachers should cover by themselves the expenses of the medical treatment in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and abroad.

XI. The foreign experts and foreign teachers enjoy the following Chinese festivals: New Year's Day, Spring Festival, International Labor Day and National Day and other statutory holiday; in addition, the foreign teacher may also enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays according to their nationality. The foreign experts and foreign teachers should abide by the regulations of Chinese government, to adjust the work for special holidays such as International Labor Day and National Day period; in case of adjusting work hours and working at weekend, the foreign teachers should not refuse to work.

XII. The foreign experts and foreign teachers should obtain the approval from IOCE in case of leaving school for a long time and get confirmed by school or departments in which they are teaching that their leave will not interfere with the normal teaching; when applying for the approval, the teachers should state clearly the time, place and reason of leave.

XIII. When there are visitors to pay visit and in need of accommodation, the foreign experts and foreign teachers should inform IOCE in advance to register.

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