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How to Apply for the Foreign Experts Certificates
June 28, 2015  
1. The requirements:
  The economic and technical foreign experts and the cultural and educational foreign experts who have got the working permit in China and entered in to Hunan with working visas can apply for the Foreign Experts Certificates.
2. The necessary materials:
  (1)The original form of “The application of the foreign experts’ working in China” and the stubs of the working permit;
  (2)The standard original employment contracts provided by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and signed by cultural and educational experts and employers. (For check)
  (3)The foreign experts’ passports and the valid copies of Z visa.
  (4)Two bareheaded color photos of applicants. (Two inches)
3. The procedures:
  (1) Employers get into “the management system of foreign experts work permit in China” from the links of the web page of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs -- http://hunan.caiep.org and submit the applications.
  (2) After the approval of the applications, the employers need to submit the paper materials to the Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs
  (3) When the materials submitted by employers are complete and in accordance with relevant regulations, the application would be accepted.
4. There is not any fee for applying for the Foreign Experts Certificates.
5. Duration: 2 working days after the submission of the satisfactory materials.
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