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An Outline of Development Plan of Guizhou Normal College (2011-2015)
June 29, 2015  

From 2011 to 2015, it’s the key period of the comprehensive construction of a well-off society, deepening reform and opening up and speeding up the transformation of the mode of economic development. It’s also the important accelerating period of economic development of in our province. For our college, it’s the foundation period to speed up its own development as a new normal undergraduate college. To improve the quality, benefit and the level of our college, and to train more qualified personnel and provide more intelligence support for the economic and social development of Guizhou Province, according to the National Mid & Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan Outline (2010-2020) and that of Guizhou province, as well as The 12th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of Guizhou Province, Our college draw up An Outline of Development Plan of Guizhou Normal College(2011-2015) with the consideration of our actual situation.

1 Guideline

Hold the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, take Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "three represents" as a guide, thoroughly apply the scientific outlook on development, adhere to the party's education policy and  the socialism direction, according to the principle of "moderate scale, optimize subject structure, stressing the education characteristics and improve education quality", we try hard to promote reform and innovation, advance the content and enlarge the scale simultaneously, and strive to achieve the balance of scale, quality, structure and benefit. We’ll push our college to develop better and faster and become an ordinary undergraduate pedagogical college with distinct features in the western region of China, so we can make new contribution for the economic and social development of Guizhou province.

2 Targets

2.1 Overall Objective

We’ll use s five years to strive to make our college a qualified undergraduate college with distinct characteristics and an important teachers’ training base of Guizhou province, the education development research center and consultation service center. We’ll pass the ministry the evaluation for newly founded undergraduate colleges and universities, the evaluation for the assessment of awarding bachelor's degree and the ideological and political education evaluation for college students to lay a solid foundation to establish a undergraduate college with certain visibility and reputation in western China.

2.2 Specific Objectives

Scale: by 2015, the number of full-time students reaches up to 13500, among which around 11500 are undergraduate students, junior college students will be controlled less than 2000 and the number of foreign students will be more than 50.

Teachers' Construction: by 2015, the total numbers of teaching staff will less than 1111, among which 750 will be full-time teachers. In the teachers' team, the total number of senior professional will reach 392 people (35% of the total number of teachers), including 58 professor and 334 associate professors; Teachers with postgraduate degree will be 600 (more than 80% of the total number of teachers), among which about 480 are with master degree and 120 with doctor degree.

Subject construction: by 2015, the total number of discipline reaches 8, in literature, science, education. The college-level key subject will be above eight, and the province-level key discipline reaches 3.

Major construction: increase the development pace of undergraduate major construction. By 2015, the number of undergraduate majors achieves 36. Keep some distinctive majors for junior college program which adapt to the local economic and social development needs. Strive to build a batch of brand majors enjoying certain influence and repute in the province.

Curriculum and teaching material construction: by 2015, establish more mature and distinctive course system for undergraduate and international students, more than 50 courses are of high quality and above 12 are of exquisite quality. Try hard to make 3 provincial fine-selected courses and publish more than 20 textbooks of distinct characteristics.

Laboratory and field-work base construction: by 2015, we further improve the experiment center to meet the basic requirements of the teaching and scientific research work. Establish 6 college-level key laboratories and 3 provincial key laboratories or experimental teaching demonstration center. The teaching and scientific research instrument equipment amounts to 70 million Yuan and ensure the average teaching and scientific research instrument equipment achieves 5000 Yuan. Establish more than 50 stable training and field-work bases.

Books and materials construction: by 2015, more than 1 million textbooks (a substantial increase in the total amount of electronic books) will be stores in library to make sure the average number of paper books owned by students will be more than 100 copies. The library will have a storage of 1500 kinds of Chinese and foreign journals. We’ll improve the library facilities strengthen service.

Scientific research and academic innovation: by 2015, we’ll organize a number of teams taking the discipline leaders as the core and the academic backbone as the mainstay to form our own research characteristics, promote the preponderant discipline development, and improve the academic level of scientific research. We promote the independent innovation to shift scientific research achievements into real productive forces. Establish more than 10 scientific research institutions, and strive to build 2 provincial humanities and social science research base in our college. More than 50 Academic monograph will be published, more than 1500 pieces of paper published (including more than 400 article published on core journals). We’ll try hard to get 100 Provincial scientific research projects and 10 national scientific research projects. Strive apply successfully for the national natural science projects, national scientific research project and the national teaching and research achievement.

Logistics: by 2015, establish and perfect the logistics operation mechanism to meet the needs of the market and fully realize the socialization reform goal of logistics service. Enhance the investment income generating capacity and the social service function.

Continuing education: by 2015, improve the independent continuing education system, enlarge the continuing education scale and improve to continuing education quality.

The party's construction and ideological and political work: by 2015, establish the leadership system of the party in our college and the political function system to form the principle of combining administrative power and moral influence to manage the college. Combine the academic power and academic power to do management and decision-making. Use the style of the Party to drive the teaching, study and the college spirit, and take the outstanding advantages and characteristics in ideological and political work to form good cultural environment and spiritual world on a harmonious campus.

3 Development Orientations

3.1 Overall Education Orientation

The overall education orientation will be “Two qualities, two types with distinctive features” ---region-oriented, education-oriented, instruction-oriented, multidiscipline and unique features. We’ll expand scale at moderate speed, optimize discipline structure and improve education quality in order to push forward reform and innovation. We’ll take a nation-wide and international view to train professionals to make contributions for economic and social development of Guizhou. Through self improvement and expansion, Guizhou Normal College will become a qualified and reputed undergraduate college in the west part of China.

Region-oriented: We’ll take a nation-wide and international view to train professionals to make contributions for economic and social development of Guizhou. In personnel training, scientific research and social service, we must revolve around the province for local economic and social development and show strong local characteristics in education.

Education-oriented: We adhere to the principle of training teachers as our distinct feature.

Instruction-oriented: our college will give priority to undergraduate teaching, with the orientation of market and dependence on the subjects, scientific research, professional advantage, take the teaching as the center, take the quality engineering construction as the core to meet students' learning and development need to the maximum. Construct innovative training mode to nourish outstanding application talents and provide service for the local economic and social development.

Multidiscipline: our college takes diversified direction in discipline construction and talents training mode and gradually increase disciplines, besides literature, science, education, management, we’ll add construction economics, law, and other disciplines to make the discipline has comprehensive characteristic to enhance the social functions of our college in order to meet the needs of the development of the economic society continuously.

Unique features: in the process of running the college, we insist the distinctive development strategy to seek for the individual difference and unceasingly strengthen the idea of providing service for basic education in Guizhou.

3.2 Specific Education Orientation

Development goals: to be a fully qualified and distinct undergraduate college.

Type of Education: local teaching-oriented undergraduate college

Education Level: Undergraduate education is given priority to, and junior college education level is complementary. We actively develop continuing education and create conditions for postgraduate education.

Professional disciplines: Take literature, science, education discipline as the main majors and develop multidisciplinary courses. To further strengthen the construction of teachers' professional majors, we actively develop and the undergraduate course related with "industrial province" and "urbanization".

Talent cultivation orientation: cultivate overall development and train high-level talents with innovative spirit and practical ability.

Service-oriented: based on this province, provide service for basic education and for local economic construction and social progress.

4 Key Points

To improve education quality and realize the talents training target, we should focus on the following six strategic development points:

4.1 Implement talent strategy, construct high-level teachers' team

Teachers are the key to increase the speed of our development, process, level, level, quality and the benefits. A college is strong due to its education and scientific research quality. So we should spare no effort to build a faculty team with enough high-quality teachers. Strictly select potential and professional teachers with certain teaching, scientific research ability and recruit high-level talents. We want to combine the training of outstanding young teachers and the leadership of the backbone of middle-aged and young teachers to create the high level teaching and academic team, and gradually formed a reasonable structure of high-quality teachers.

4.2 Strengthen discipline, professional construction, construct basic subject system

According to the concept to speed up the undergraduate major construction pace and constructing normal education and other professional education system to meet province development strategy and social demand to gradually form a characteristic discipline framework. According to principle of "the overall planning, implement step by step, the integration of resources, highlight the importance, the pursuit of efficiency", and promote the professional discipline construction.

4.3 Implement the strategy of scientific research and constantly improve the level of scientific research innovation

Our college will make scientific research in the purpose of providing services for economic and social development, for basic education and for the development of our college, we will further integrate academic resources to improve the high level and ability for the comprehensive research task and multidiscipline combination and penetration to expand the research space for the formation of a high standard research direction, research methods and innovative scientific research base. We should actively encourage personnel engaged in applied science and technology research to strengthen the cooperation with local government and enterprises. Take the road of learning-research-production road; serve for support, use scientific research to support teaching and development. Attention should be paid to strengthen scientific research system construction and team construction, increasing the application for important scientific research projects, further activate academic exchange activities in order to form our own characteristics and brand strive in basic education research, tourism development research, Guizhou education development and other fields.

4.4 Infrastructure construction, accelerate the improvement of conditions for running a college

To accelerate the construction of the new campus, the existing building area is about 300000 square meters, and on this basis, we plan to finish the total construction area of 420000 square meters. Building the information buildings, stadiums and other infrastructure and put them into use with the Kuwait government loan. Improve the road network, pipe network, electricity network, landscape and other facilities on the new campus. Complete faculty dormitory construction and try to start the construction for the Training Center of Continuing Education. Through the support from the central government and provincial financial funding, we improve the instrumentation equipment for teaching and scientific research to make our college a real modern college.

4.5 Promote international exchange and cooperation and advance the international level of our college

Open education is the international trend of higher education. It is an important feature of modern university. To actively develop cooperation with foreign universities, we should continuously push forward the exchange programs with universities in Asian countries, and try to explore new programs with other foreign universities. Select teaching, scientific research and management personnel and send them for study abroad, academic visit or joint research in a planned way, and thus gradually train a high-level teaching, scientific research and management backbone team with international view.

4.6 Deepen the management system reform, and constantly improve the management level

In strict accordance with laws to run our college, speed up the system construction and strengthen the scientific management. Take the opportunity of personnel system reform and the performance salary to mobilize the enthusiasm of our staff and enhance the vitality. To shift down the center and improve the second level management, we’ll gradually form the management mode that the college is the core and schools are the main body, they have clear difference on responsibility, right and interest.

5 Development Stage

Foundation Stage (2011-2012)

This stage is to change the education thought, make clear of the managerial thought, optimize resource allocation and start construction of being a qualified undergraduate college. According to the running conditions of undergraduate college, we’ll further strengthen the undergraduate education concept and improve the construction of teaching staff, discipline and curriculum. Improve management condition, raise the management level, guarantee the education quality, and create the characteristics of our college to form a good momentum for the realization of 12th five-year development plan.

Consolidation Stage (2013-2015)

This phase is to be more committed to the content development. Realize the balance among scale, structure, quality and benefit. Strengthen the characteristics of our college; realize the transformation from a adult college education to a undergraduate college education. And try to be a qualified college which "is based on Guizhou, influence the surrounding area and provide service for the local area" and lays a solid foundation for further development.

6 Development Strategies

To realize the strategic development objective, we plan to implement the 7 key projects with the "teachers’ development” as the core.

6.1 Implement “Teachers’ Development Project"

To increase the quantity, improve structure and promote the level, we carry out the "professor training project," "degree improving project", "talent recruitment project" and "visiting scholars plan" to speed up the construction of teachers' team and constantly improve teachers' professional title structure, degree structure, age structure and learning margin structure, and improve the overall level of teacher's morality, teaching level and academic level.

6.2 Implement “Management Upgrading Project"

To improve the internal benign operation mechanism, improve the college and the school---two- level management, we deepen the reform, achieve management efficiency, build a sound management organization, perfect the management rules and regulations, and strengthen management team construction to form a set of unique working mode, improving the modern management level of modern universities.

6.3 Implement “Talent Training Project”

In order to improve the personnel training quality, we constantly deepen the education reform, strengthen the construction of subject, major, course and teaching material to build a comparatively perfect quality assurance system with the purpose of improving education quality, scientific research and ensuring talents training target.

6.4 Implement “Infrastructure Project”

In order to improve the physical environment and humanistic environment on campus and improve the campus cultural style, we continue to abide by the principle of "overall planning, implementing step by step" to effectively promote new campus construction process. We’ll build the information buildings, stadiums, staff dormitory and other important projects and further afforest, purify and beautify campus environment to create a good development.

To meet basic needs for teaching and scientific research, we’ll increase funds in a planned way to purchase and update the teaching and research equipment and instruments, strengthen the management of laboratory, and let teaching and scientific research instrument and equipment give full play. To improve the efficiency of library as an information platform, we’ll increase the investment to get more paper electronic books, improve the internal facilities, and strengthen library service functions.

6.5 Implement “Increase Earnings and Reduce Expenses Project”

In order to realize income and reduce expenditure to construct an economical college, on one hand, we moderately expand common higher education scale, develop continuing education and foreign students’ education, and speed up the reform of logistics service and college-run enterprises to comprehensively promote social service ability. In this way, we can make earnings by ourselves. On the other hand, work hard to reduce running costs, reduce the consumption of resources and improve teaching efficiency.

6.6 Implementation "Public Relations Project"

In order to promote and push better and faster development of our college, we constantly improve and optimize the construction and development of internal and external environment, strengthen and improve public relationship, and ameliorate the internal network, social relationships, power relations, information relations, competition relationship and interests, give full play to the guidance, restraint function, condensing function, prompting function and radiation function of internal public relation to form a unified, orderly internal environment with enterprising spirit.

We should publicize our college and expand exchanges (including international exchange) through the public community, parents of the students, alumni, media, graduates, government, enterprises and other colleges and universities. We’ll widely establish various social connections, strengthen cooperation with other colleges and universities to get support from the outside world, establish a good image of our college and create a good internal and external environment which is helpful for the college to realize reform and development.

6.7 Implement "The Party's Construction Project"

In order to give full play to the party’s leadership and cohesive power in the construction and development of the college, we insist emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts and keep pace with the times, strengthen the party's thought, style, organization, system construction and anti-corruption, we take the leadership of the party and party branches as the core. We view party branches as fighting forts and give full play of Communist members’ exemplary role which provides a powerful ideological and political guarantee for the better and faster development of our college.


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